Introduction to my major

Degree Name: Women’s Health and Newborn Care

Type of degree: Bachelor of science

Why this degree? I created this because I am passionate about my future nursing degree and also excited to be able to bring forth more being in IDS. I think it will look great on my resume if I have Bachelor’s of science in Women’s Health and Newborn Care, have taken nursing classes, had done an internship at a birth center, and done clinical’s in hospital settings with OB. I have all these useful nursing classes I took and now they will be useful for this degree and when I finish my last two semesters of nursing school. Everyone assumes that you need to be in the nursing program in order to learn things like this. However there are support people revolving birth such as midwifes, nurses, doula’s, social workers, and more. Or people who want to become Mom’s someday, they won’t teach you unless you read about it or ask your doctor. I wanted to be able to bring my future goal interest into a major and I am really glad I was able to do this.